Thinking of buying a franchise?


Have you always wanted to own your own business, but are worried that you may not have the right skills or experience to be successful? 


Do you want to be an independent business owner, whilst still enjoying the buying power and marketing cut-through of a much larger entity?


Franchise ownership is a great option for people who want to own their own business AND leverage the experience, systems, and support of a big company network.

Dale Wood Business Sales is proud to be representing Beaumont Tiles Victor Harbor for sale after twenty years under one owner, so we asked the team at Australia’s largest ceramic tile distributor to explain how franchise ownership can benefit a business owner:

What are the benefits of buying into a franchise model?

There is a much higher rate of success when buying into an established and proven business model, as franchise models like Beaumont Tiles offer full business systems encompassing every aspect of owning and operating a successful franchise business.

The franchisor will usually provide the training you need to operate their business model, so you don’t necessarily need specific experience in the industry, however, a good understanding of the principles of effective business management will still be important.

Beaumont’s Tiles Franchise Partners come from all walks of life and have different working backgrounds, while many have no building industry or trades background.

Why buy an existing franchise business instead of a new franchise site?

Buying an existing franchise business such as Beaumont Tiles Victor Harbor will minimise your start-up risk as the business will already have an established customer base, sales revenues, cash flow and profit streams.

This financial information can be reviewed in the business trading history and can potentially assist the buyer in making investment decisions.

A fully operational franchise business has trained staff, suppliers, clients, and consistent business processes which will minimise disruption on handover to the new owner and assist in producing income from the first week of operation.

Why would I buy a Beaumont Tiles franchise instead of operating my own independent business?

Beaumont Tiles provides its Franchise Partners with the following benefits:

  • Market acceptance as part of Australia’s largest tile brand, and support with industry-leading marketing and advertising

  • Access to group buying and marketing power

  • Leadership and guidance through a proven business system and model

  • Business support across all areas of the business including business development, training, accounting, management, workplace health & safety, human resources/staffing, logistics, warehouse, and stock

  • Potential for capital gain on sale of a business, as well as income during ownership

Why should I consider buying a franchise with Beaumont Tiles?

Family-owned and operated for the past 60 years, Beaumont Tiles became Australia’s largest tile group in 1990 and now has over 110 stores nationally, with around one-third of these company-owned and managed.

All corporate and franchise stores are treated equally and share the same systems, product, price structure, infrastructure, and marketing.

Around 70% of the company’s range of tiles is exclusive to Beaumont Tiles, who control their own distribution chain through importing product into Australia and supplying stores from a network of distribution warehouses across Australia.

How does Beaumont’s franchisor approval process work?

Both parties need to be comfortable that they can work together, grow together, and profit from the partnership.

The first step to owning Beaumont Tiles Victor Harbor is, therefore, a formal personal and financial application, followed by an interview process.

The Beaumont Tiles team spend time with each applicant and provide detailed business information to allow a potential Franchise Partner to undertake their own due diligence. The franchise will be offered when both sides are happy to proceed.

Please call Dale Wood Business Sales (08) 8334 0600 or email for a confidential discussion on your business purchase, or sale requirements.