Proven Track Record

At Dale Wood Business Sales we stand by our track record. We’ve sold more than $2 billion worth of South Australian businesses. We don’t just talk a good game, we deliver on what we promise. We proudly boast of our clients’ successes and take great pleasure in seeing our clients prosper.

Our reputation for professionalism and integrity opens doors for us. As we act for you when we sell your business, it also opens doors for you.


Whether we’re helping you to buy a South Australian business, or sell one, our expertise ensures the best possible experience for our customers. The Dale Wood team uses a mix of established techniques and methods as well as new and innovative approaches when working with you.


Experience matters. From selling multi-million dollar engineering firms to helping buyers purchase their first restaurant, there’s little that the dedicated Dale Wood Business Sales team hasn’t worked on over the years.

Unrivalled Insight

South Australia has a unique economy and it’s vital for us to have the best possible insight into business in South Australia. That’s why Dale Wood Business Sales’ team consists of professionals who, not only are they proud South Australians, but who have themselves run and managed successful businesses in this state.

Client Focused

Everything we do, we do for you, the client. The relationships we build with our clients are vital. Buying or selling a business is a massive decision. We understand this better than most. That’s why we are with you every step of the way.