Dale Wood Business Sales boasts a team of talented, well-connected and informed professionals who have sold more than $2 billion worth of South Australian businesses.

Our focus is always giving you a complete end-to-end service, whether you’re looking to buy a business or thinking of selling your business.

We have three key values which we uphold at all times. These are:


It’s not about ‘getting listings’ for us. We only ever list businesses with realistic sales potential. Why? We simply consider it wrong to tell a client that their business is sellable when it just isn’t. Integrity is everything to us.

For businesses that don’t meet our salability criteria, we can work with the owners on a strategy that will improve performance and ultimately result in a successful exit.


We never rest on our laurels. It’s crucial that we always continue to improve the service that we offer you, the client.

This means always keeping our fingers on the pulse of best practice and advances in technology.


Our entire team has a deep understanding of South Australian business. Indeed, most of them have been successful business owners in their own careers. One of the many things that sets Dale Wood apart from other South Australian business sales consultancies is the vast network of contacts we can leverage to ensure the best possible service to you.