State of the Market – Overview with Dale Wood General Manager, Kent Aughey

COVID-19, a word no one knew 12 months ago but now can’t go a day without hearing it!

Trading conditions have been difficult, however having bank interest deferrals and Government support is definitely a vital positive.  While the current conditions have provided plenty of concern world-wide, as a glass half full kind of guy, I do believe South Australia will be the place to be in years to come!


In the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, we have become disturbingly aware of the fragility of supply chains, health care, and other critical systems. Many businesses in Retail, Tourism and Travel have fallen flat but businesses that were resilient are very sought after.

Sectors that have been hit hard due to the crisis will rebound likewise with good interest.  Agriculture, food (supermarkets), healthcare (dental, physio etc), accounting firms, communication/tech services and online businesses will all be in demand.

Price points:

There are buyers looking for businesses with revenue from $500K – $5M – owner-operators through to investors who are looking to have a business run under management. Buyers are particularly looking for good businesses with the capital to act and are therefore less reliant on external funding. Interestingly, there is a distinct shortage of such good businesses to sell, presenting an opportunity in our opinion.

Online enquiry:

We’ve had plenty of online enquiries, with buyer enquiry statistics up across various websites. A current example being AB industries; business and property combined, around $2M. We have had 66 enquiries across the sales campaign, with Expressions of Interest now closed, negotiations are now underway.


Our finance industry connections are all advising us that borrowing money is difficult and challenging, however not impossible. A combination of the royal commission and, the effect COVID, have caused lenders to be very conservative. We recommend preparing well and to seek good advice.

Where now:

A scarcity of good quality business’ presents a selling opportunity, but without all the bells and whistles, the off-market/confidential sale approach can often work well.

If you are thinking about selling, consult with our team at Dale Wood Business Sales.  We know the marketplace and have the market knowledge to provide you with the information to help you make informed decisions and plans for your future.

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion please contact Kent Aughey on 08 8334 0600 or