I recently watched a ZOOM presentation with Jack presenting, and I thought the notes that I took that day might resonate with others as we look towards the new year ahead, I hope that something below strikes a chord and contributes to your own success….

Learn, then go out and do something with it!

Emotions and anxiety are high, it is the new COVID reality, we have to accept it.

  • It is going to take a while to move forward post COVID, but you must.

  • Recalibrate expectations – plan for recovery/rebound.

  • If you don’t think you can make it, you’re defeated already, think & work positively.

On client/customer service, ask questions and feed that client info into your CRM.

Tell people about yourself, build rapport.

  1. Own your space.

  2. Stop selling, no one likes being sold to, instead be a resource.

  3. Work on your health and fitness, you can then handle stress better and work smarter.

  4. Focus precedes success – turn off the news, it’s all negative anyway.

  5. Focus on your controllable – not the things you cannot control or influence.

  6. Craft a daily plan, do it 30 minutes before bedtime, you will sleep better.

  7. Help people, find out their pain point, problem or issue and listen, how can you help?

  8. Be a proactive listener and it is ok to take notes.

  9. Show empathy, understand the feelings of others.

  10. Love what you do and allow yourself to have fun – if you are not having fun, what are you doing, do something else.

  11. Sales playbook, do you have one? If not, make the time to write yours over the Christmas break.

Remember, there are 168 hours in each week, how are you spending yours?

Jack Daly has a remarkable 30+ year track record in sales, executive, and entrepreneurial positions, an avid speaker, award-winning author, and 15-time Ironman competitor, he strives to make a difference in the lives of those in the field of sales and sales management across the globe.

Thanks Jack, I am going to be planning my 2021 with the above in mind!

Kent Aughey, Dale Wood Business Sales, General Manager