How culture & leadership grow your business

by  | June 14, 2019

Altitude Advisory Business Adviser, Jack Thiel shares the importance of good culture and strong leadership in a workplace and how it will help you grow your business.

Good culture and strong leadership are the fundamentals of creating a successful business. When you execute these essentials you:

  • improve business performance
  • improve business productivity.

What are culture and leadership?


  • The behaviours and values shared and demonstrated in the workplace.


  • The guidance and direction of others to influence attitudes and behaviours.

Culture and leadership are powerful when they’re promoted well. Whether you’re the CEO, Sales Executive, Administrator or Marketing Coordinator, it’s important to understand how to best apply these within your business.

The Jack Daly effect

Last year I was fortunate enough to see Jack Daly, word-class sales trainer, best-selling author and global speaker. His CV raised my expectations considerably.The man had some serious energy on stage and brought the room along with him. He inspired us all in a very American way by standing up, yelling and getting involved in the day.I left feeling more knowledgeable, bursting with new ideas for us to implement in our own backyard and strategies to help our clients too.What I wasn’t expecting was my book full of notes to be focussed on culture… I thought this bloke sold stuff?Indirectly (and also very directly) he did sell. And he sold me on the value of his session after the first hour. Not only did he promote good sales tactics, he motivated us to build our teams, inspire others and taught us how that leads to a successful business.

What did we learn from Jack Daly?

Jack focussed on culture, continuing to reiterate its importance in building successful teams which ultimately deliver the “hyper growth” we’d all come seeking.

“Sports teams are run better than most businesses.” – Jack Daly

He pin-pointed sports organisations as a top-tier example of where businesses should aim to be. They are exceptional organisations because they:

  • hold each other to the highest standards
  • seriously care for one another
  • value and develop their people
  • share a common goal.

So what’s different between a sports team and a business?Well, they KNOW their players are their biggest assets.Many employers overlook the fact that their ‘team’ ARE their players – their biggest assets.

“For your company to flourish, it’s got to have a vision.” – Jack Daly

A vision is usually developed by the business owner, sometimes with the assistance of their team, and provides direction for every decision.This clarity over decision-making is pivotal in aligning the team to work towards a common goal. If you put everyone’s energy into one vision, the output multiplies, exponentially!This is what delivers hyper business growth.Jack boiled it down to three steps:

  • build a great team
  • align them towards a common vision
  • deliver results.

How you can achieve hyper business growth

The real value Jack imparted was how you can achieve these things – how you can build, support and train a team.  

If you want to get more value out of your business, come along to Jack Daly 2019: Building a World-Class Organisation; The Path to Hyper Business Growth.