Buying a Business Off-Market

Are you looking for a business in a specific industry sector? Perhaps at a defined price point or profitability?

 Did you know, some businesses change hands ‘off-market’? Meaning you could be missing out on a business because it wasn’t advertised for sale!

 If you’re tired of regularly checking business listing websites and wondering when the perfect business will be available, stop what you’re doing and check out our latest insight.

 Buying off-market, can be good for both the buyer and seller, as it ideally creates minimal disruption to business operations and a smooth transition to new ownership.

 How do I buy off-market?

Identifying and cold-calling a list of target businesses, getting past the ‘gate-keeper’ to talk to the owner and then convincing the business owner to sell can be a very time-consuming, challenging, distracting and frustrating process for the aspiring business purchaser.

Often issues arise because business owners are difficult to contact or ill-prepared for this kind of approach. For example, they may not have prepared their most recent financial year tax returns or financial statements to share with you, timing may not be right (“just one more thing to do”), or they underestimate what is involved, only to miss the opportunity to smoothly transition out of the business.

You may also complete a considerable amount of time on analysis before deciding the business does not meet your objectives or discovering that the business owner doesn’t wish to sell after all.

Why use a buyer’s advocate?

Many potential buyers contact business broking firms in the hope that they will currently have a business for sale that meets their requirements, unfortunately, however, often that ideal business may just never ‘turn up’.

Dale Wood Business Sales also performs work as a buyer’s advocate – when appointed to act on behalf of a buyer we work on behalf of you, the buyer, rather than (most commonly) the seller.

Dale Wood General Manager, Kent Aughey, says:

We aim to short-circuit the business buying process, freeing up the buyers time whilst we focus on our key strengths: understanding the market, working our connections, sourcing the best opportunity, collecting the necessary information and supporting our buyer client through the process!

 There is strong interest in profitable businesses, in growth sectors, with revenues of $1M or more, and there are actually limited opportunities on market with a qualified, ready to buy client. It is an opportune time to consider an exit.”

Dale Wood Buyer’s Advocacy Services

With over 30 years of experience in the South Australian business sales market, we have large networks of business owners, accountants and advisors already on our database. We can undertake a search for you and deliver you opportunities to which you will not otherwise have access.

We work with our clients to identify their business buying needs and short-list potential businesses for further detailed analysis, before contacting the owner to obtain detailed financials for review by your business advisor and arranging an inspection of the premises, plant, and equipment.

With well-established marketing techniques in place, we can also advertise through our networks or cold-call businesses that have been through our filters and meet your requirements.


For further information on our buyer’s advocacy service, please contact Dale Wood Business Sales & Advisory on (08) 8334 0600 or email for a confidential discussion on your business purchase requirements.