Now is the time to plan for your business recovery post COVID-19

The business landscape has changed significantly in recent months, but the road to recovery is in sight. To continue our support of the South Australian business ecosystem, Dale Wood Business Sales are facilitating a Business Recovery Program. We will share our business strategy tools to help you navigate to a more successful future.

New research confirms SMEs that survive have plans in place. Businesses that identify, adapt and take advantage of opportunities will emerge stronger.

To survive and then recover, business owners need to develop a plan that goes beyond profit and loss and cash flow budgeting. A plan to help protect your business. 

Our Business Recovery Program will help you develop your own Recovery Plan.

It is a 2-step program:


1 Start your recovery plan by completing our free short Risk and Value Driver Assessment (RAVDA)
to identify key non-financial risks.
Risk Diagnostic
Based on your responses to the short RAVDA, data analytics will pinpoint areas of high concerns and value drivers as suggested focus areas to help stabilise and grow your business.

Start the RAVDA

2 Register for an online planning workshop to prepare your own Business Recovery
Plan Report.
Workshop & Report
Once you complete your RAVDA, you will be invited to join the online group workshop. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to generate a report that includes SME sector benchmarks and research statistics, your business’ SWOT analysis along with goals, strategies and actions items with implementation timelines.



Worth over $1000 in value for your business, we are offering a comprehensive insight into what you need to know and do to help get your business back on track – for a $250 (incl GST) investment.

We will cover how to improve the identified areas of weakness and how to focus on the strengths, specific to your business goals. All you need to do is come prepared with a completed free RAVDA assessment!


We are facing unprecedented challenges, but together we can work our way through and beyond this crisis.