Brand Loyalty


“It’s the little things”: Brand loyalty and keeping customers coming back

Whether it’s a customer that always returns to their favourite restaurant, or has a preferred brand of clothing, buys from the same car dealer or fly’s on the same airline, brand loyalty is a very lucrative thing for a business owner to achieve.

According to American Express research, it takes different incentives to win new customers than it does to keep them. Customers want value for money: based on 2019 research,  40% of Australians said it’s the most important factor in their selection process, but when it comes to keeping customers coming back, high-quality service will keep 33% of consumers loyal to a small business, followed by ease of use at 27% and a premium product offering at 15%. 

Wow them with your service and always look at ways to build loyalty, the most important is consistently providing an outstanding, personalised customer experience.

Beyond providing great service, businesses can start building loyalty today, as customers go to the internet most often to get information, digital marketing is a cost-effective solution to establish trust with both potential and existing customers.

Brand loyalty is essential for the ongoing success of any business, big or small. It’s time to focus on the little things, so the big results – and loyal customers – will follow.

Winning trust is vital to customer loyalty and takes ongoing commitment to maintain, but it is worth it, by doing so, you will be building your revenue, profits and in turn, your business value!

As we know, demand for local goods and services has skyrocketed recently and that looks set to stay, so now is the perfect time to have a refreshed look at your approach to keeping your customers coming back (and gaining more!).   

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