Why deal with us

When you appoint Dale Wood Business Sales Consultancy you gain not just one business agent, but the collective experience of our entire team.

We review our current listings and potential buyers on a daily basis with regular formal meetings, of all agents.  Whilst each agent specialises in particular areas, we have all been involved in owning and operating our own business.  We are all constantly involved with businesses and with people, and each contributes to the successful sale of your business.

We have the necessary collective and individual experience in business sales to achieve proven success.  Dale Wood began in the early 1990's and each of the members has a genuine interest in both business generally and business success specifically. We are in business today because of the dedication and collective effort, over time.

We sign our own "Guarantee of Service" contract with you. The contract clearly outlines service expectations such as advertising and market resources, presentation, confidentiality, contact and best interests.  The contract is legally binding and enforcable.  If we do not provide the service outlined in the contract during the period of Agency, we will give you a full refund of our marketing fee.  We are committed.

Our reputation.  Words come cheaply.  A good reputation is acquired only over time and "doing the right thing".  We are proud of our reputation and jealously protect it.  "Making every step count" highlights the way we work together with our clients and their industry for mutual benefit - we proudly boast of our clients' successes and take great pleasure in seeing our clients prosper.

Our reputation for professionalism and integrity opens doors for us.  As we act for you when we sell your business, it also opens doors for you.